Best 2 Branches Of Agriculture You Must Know – 2021

branches of agriculture

Agriculture is the practice of cultivating crops and rearing livestock. Branches of agriculture have always been a practice both primitive and men benefit from and can hardly do.

Agriculture generally involves humans’ action to induce or enhance crops or livestock growth, mainly for food. Agriculture comes with many branches, of which we are going to discuss a few subsequent bulletins.

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Top 10 Branches Of Agriculture

  • Livestock Production
  • Agricultural Economics

Livestock Production

branches of agriculture
Branches Of Agriculture

Livestock is the general term given to animals that can be easily reared and can also be used as food and other important stuff.

Livestock production generally involves raising domestic animals (ruminants) for food, labor, and commodities such as eggs, milk, leather, fur; livestock range from ruminants such as cattle, sheep, goats, and a more considerable extent, horses in some parts of developed countries.

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Livestock production is a very lucrative job, but not without difficulties and complications. It involves a lot of hard work and commitment, but the benefits always outweigh the results.

Livestock production entrusts the breeding, maintenance, slaughter, and extraordinary of commodities from livestock.

The most strenuous part of livestock production is feeding or pasturing. Intensive livestock farmers provide pasture to their livestock whole the livestock remain in their respective pens. However, extensive livestock farmers let their hard or flock out into the plains to field green grasses.

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  1. Source of commodities such as meat, eggs, etc.
  2. Sources of food.
  3. Sources of employment as well as income


  1. Excessive grazing leads to land deterioration.
  2. It is highly costly, mostly on intensive livestock farming.

Agriculture Economics

branches of agriculture
Agriculture Economics

Agriculture economics is a branch of agriculture that deals with agricultural produce, land, distribution, storage, and cultivation. Agricultural is simply the application of the science of economics in agriculture.

This branch of agriculture studies the impact of land on crop yield as well as livestock production. Agriculture economics provides simulations and postulations on how to increase or decrease crop yield.

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What factors can accelerate or impede food distribution? How high or low demand for particular crops and livestock within a stipulated time or a geographical area?

Some branches of agricultural economics include:

  1. Development of Economics
  2. Production Economics and Farm Management
  3. Food and Consumer Economics
  4. Agricultural environment and Natural Resources

Development of Economics

Mainly it focuses on the improvement of agriculture in low-income countries.

Production Economics and Farm Management

Production Economics and Farm Management

It mainly focuses on how high or low the demand for particular agricultural produce is within a geographical area over time. It saves the cost and loss of producing crops and livestock that are not the taste of consumers.

It also focuses on-farm management by keeping farm records, which helps keep track of farmers’ progress efficiently.

Food and Consumer Economics

Food and Consumer Economics
Food and Consumer Economics

The field has become one of the exciting and fast-developing fields of agricultural economics. It mainly focuses on knowing or finding out what influences consumer behavior towards agriculture. This field also helps in destining prices for agricultural produce.

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It is indispensable in this modern world, and it well developed will improve upon your agriculture so significantly.

Agricultural Environment And Natural Resources

Agricultural Environment
Agricultural Environment

This field focuses on the environment and how to make the climate suitable for effective and efficient crop production and livestock production.

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