The Best Top 15 Branches Of Agriculture

The main branches of agriculture include:

Animal Science

Animal science is a branch of agriculture that is concerned with the study of animal breeding and husbandry practices including aspects of animal health. Simply put, animal science deals with the science of rearing and management of animals in general and most importantly farm animals.

Branches Of Agriculture: Crop Science

This is the branch that deals with the study of crops, their management, harvesting and storage.

Branches Of Agriculture: Soil Science

This is the study of the classification, survey, conservation, and management of the soil for crops and animal production.

Branches Of Agriculture: Agriculture Mechanization

This is the branch of agriculture that deals with the study and operations of agricultural machinery, tools and equipment, together with the development of improved implements and equipment.

Branches Of Agriculture: Horticulture

This is the branch of agriculture that deals with the study of the cultivation of fruits (pomology), vegetables (olericulture), and ornamental plants (ornamental horticulture).

Branches Of Agriculture: Forestry

branches of agriculture

Is the science that deals with the study of the forest resources, their management, and conservation together with the utilization of forestry and products.

Wildlife and Range Management

This is usually closely associated with forestry. It is concerned with the study of wildlife resources in the forest and grassland ecosystem.


This is the study of the wildlife resources of aquatic systems and the rearing and management of fishes in ponds, cages, and other natural water environments.

Agricultural Economics

This is the study of the demand and supply relationships in agriculture and the economics of agricultural production including financing, land tenure, marketing of agricultural products, co-operatives, project development, and evaluation, etc. Agricultural economics is the study and the application of economic principles.

Agriculture Extension and Rural Sociology

This is concerned with the development and dissemination (spreading-out) of agricultural information; the transfer of technology to farmers and the study of the life-styles of rural farming populations.



The aforementioned deals besides the study of the inter-relationship and inter-dependencies of crops and soils (I.e. it deals among the field-crop culture and soil management).


Pathology deals with the study of diseases affecting plants and animals and their control.


Entomology deal with the study of insect-pests, their activities and their management and control.

Agriculture Research

This agriculture research deals with the development of new ideas, innovations, and technologies by means of scientific studies and experiments.

Agriculture Education and Teaching

Agriculture education and teaching deal with the teaching of agriculture science in schools and institutions as a way of training students to acquire basic knowledge and skills in agriculture.

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