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Cloud Hosting Vs Web Hosting – Which is better for your Website? – 2021

cloud hosting vs web hosting

Cloud Hosting Vs Web Hosting is used widely on the Internet, and more people are using them these days. Before we look into Cloud and Web Hosting’s benefits, let us know what exactly a cloud is? A Cloud hosting is a virtual machine that contains all the files of your entire website.

These files are stored on the hardware of the web hosting provider. When a guest comes to your website, the browser can request those files from the web server and display them to visitors.

Introduction to Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is an internet hosting service where various servers live combined to make a cloud, which functions as a single server. Cloud Hosting combines the advantages of dedicated hosting with an easy internet access model.

The word cloud is generally used to define centralized data centres available to all users over the Internet, accessible via the Internet, unlike traditional hosting. Cloud hosting allows for the easy provisioning of applications and websites with a web hosting provider and web development or content management company.

The providers act as virtual servers for the client’s website and control their schedules and software applications. On a single server, one client can be hosted as many virtual machines as they require, without the hassle of managing the actual hardware.

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Types of Cloud Deployment

The phrase “cloud deployment” refers to the process of setting up a cloud server, hosting it, and deciding who has access to it. Cloud deployment refers to the process of setting up a cloud.

Virtualizing servers’ computing resources into segmented, software-driven applications with processing and storage capabilities is the same concept that underpins all cloud computing deployments.

  • Public Cloud: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are only a few examples of public cloud providers. These businesses offer both services and facilities, which all consumers share. The vast amount of available space in public clouds usually translates to simple scalability.
  • Private Cloud: Private clouds are typically located behind a firewall and operated by a single company. Private clouds are typically situated behind a firewall and used by a single entity.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid clouds are a mix of public and private clouds. They’re made to work together seamlessly, with data and software flowing freely from one platform to the other.
  • Community Cloud: Hybrid clouds are a combination of public and private clouds. They’re made to work together seamlessly, with data and software flowing freely between the two systems.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers and Services

Cloud Hosting Service Providers Comparison

Pros and Cons Of Cloud Hosting

Pros Of Cloud Hosting
  • Rapid deployment
  • Better performance
  • Lower costs
  • Better uptime, high availability
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Scalability and flexibility
Cons Of Cloud Hosting
  • High expensive
  • security risks
  • Difficulty Setup

What are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting over Web Hosting

Now, let us look into the benefits of Cloud and Web Hosting and how they can benefit us.

  • Lower costs: With cloud hosting, we can reduce the costs associated with the website’s hosting, which will help us save money.
  • Better performance: We can make our website more dynamic by adding applications and plug-ins. Also, it helps to increase traffic to the website.

What are the Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting over Web Hosting

  • High cost: Some of the cloud computing providers have expensive plans.
  • Security risk: Cloud hosting’s companies have low security in their system and is easy to attack.

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