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The Amazing Most 20 Main Importance Of Agriculture In 2021

What is the primary importance of agriculture? The staff of had covered all the primary importance of agriculture. Agriculture is the study of plants and livestock. Agriculture is our source of food and obtains other resources for living.

Agriculture is essential to human life. Many other production sectors depend on the raw materials of agriculture. We get food from agriculture, which is one of the primary things we need to survive in life.


  • Agriculture Contributes to Economic Growth

Agriculture has been the most crucial factor in the economic development in most countries. Agricultures help produce enough food to feeds the nation. It helps to contribute to the GDP of the country.

  • Provisions of Foods
Agriculture products in the market

Agriculture is the primary source of food in the world. We can get food crops like beans, rice, wheat, oat, millet, etc., and fruits such as mango, orange, pawpaw, and pineapples.

Vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, spring onions, and carrots are also produced through agriculture. The rearing of farm animals such as cattle, pigs, cows, and goats helps make meat survive.

  • Jobs or Employment Opportunities

Through agriculture, both educated and uneducated can be employ because it doesn’t necessarily need any qualification. It employs farmers, fishers, hunters, fruit sellers, drivers who transport the products, etc. It creates employment for the manufacturers of machines such as Plow, Tractors, Combine, ATV, Baler, etc.

  • Source of Revenue to the Head of State

Agriculture is a revenue source through the exports of food crops such as cocoa, rice, wheat, millets, etc., and farm animals such as cows, cattle, and pigs to other counties to trade. Through the exports and imports of the products, the government generates revenue through taxes paid.

  • Contributions to Industrial Development

The agricultural sector provides the country with products that help with the industrial developments of the nation. For example, somebody can use cows and horses’ fur to produce leather for shoes and sandals and cocoa to the processing industries for chocolate production, which helps in industrial development.

  • Agriculture Contribute to National Income

Agriculture contributes significantly to the national income of a nation. Example Farmers and fishers pay taxes to the government, which contributes to the national income. It contributes massively to developing countries.

  • Creation of Herbal Medication

Some trees in the forest serve as a source of medicine to cure various sicknesses. Most herbal medications are also manufactured from the plants, and most of the plants themselves are medicine. Herbalists in different countries use plants to heal people of their diseases.

  • For Leisure

Agriculture provides an avenue for relaxation and enjoyment. For example, people go to various tourist sites to relax and enjoy themselves, such as horse riding, taking pictures of wild animals in the zoo.

  • Sources of Rural Development Areas

Agriculture is a popular job in rural areas than in urban areas because rural areas have a massive land for farming. It generates more income for the community, such as tax-paying to the unity committee and chief of staff to support the roads and other social amenities.

  • Sources of Foreign Exchange Through Trading

One of the significant importance of agriculture is the source of foreign exchange to the country. Countries export some of their raw materials in exchange for foreign commodities.

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