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How To Make Money With Google Ads



Google Ads, more commonly known as AdWords, is Google’s advertising platform that allows users to create text-based ads that are placed on the Google search results page and across various third-party websites.

1) What is Google Ads?

Google AdWords, or Google Ads as it’s more commonly known, is a pay-per-click service that lets you promote your business on search engines like Google.

You pick an ad from several options and then make a payment every time someone clicks on your ad.


2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of Google’s best-kept secrets. When done correctly, it can create a steady stream of income while you sleep.

We suggest starting with affiliate marketing if you are starting with your online business ventures.

Whether you make them yourself or work with companies that will sell your product for you, Google ads can be highly profitable and should not be overlooked! Here are some of our top tips for making money through Google advertising!


3) AdSense

AdSense is an ad network run by Google, through which publishers can display text and image-based ads on their websites.

There are two types of AdSense: one in which you only get paid when visitors click through your ads to go to other sites, and another where you only get paid if people view your website (known as view-through).

You can use both together or separately.


4) AdWords

AdWords is a form of paid search advertising that Google manages. A company (or individual) will bid on keywords related to their business, and when a user types in that keyword search term into their browser, an AdWords ad will appear.

For example, if you were starting a gift basket business, you might bid on gift baskets as a keyword and then pay each time someone clicks on your ad to visit your website.

5) Flipping Domain Names

Perhaps you’ve heard of some people making a few hundred thousand dollars on domain names, but it is just as likely that you will end up with an expired domain name in a couple of years.


That being said, if you enjoy writing and think there might be an opportunity to flip domains for profit, it’s worth researching and trying your hand at it.

6) Online Arbitrage

Many people make money online by selling other companies’ products. Online arbitrage is an easy way to sell these products and earn a profit.

The idea is simple: find cheap items, such as books or toys, on sale at local stores in your area, and then sell them on Amazon or eBay for a higher price.


This takes time, but it can be done using only your computer—no need to brave crowds at flea markets!

7) Dropshipping on eBay

You can make money on virtually any product if you can find a drop-shipper. Once you’ve set up your eBay store, import as many products as possible to maximize your chances of selling.

The fees for importing should be relatively low. You can then put in your store description that if anyone buys X product within 30 days of buying anything from your store, they will receive a Y bonus from an actual manufacturer or distributor.


8) Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

You can also earn money by storing and shipping other people’s products through Amazon FBA. You’ll need some storage space, but knowing what you’re doing can be well worth it.

9) Shopify Store Ownership

If you want to make money with Google ads, starting a Shopify store is one of your best options.

Shopify allows you to set up an online store quickly and efficiently and makes it easy to plug in your ads code and start making money from day one.


The basic tier of Shopify is free, so there’s no reason not to get started!

10) Affiliate Marketing Websites (e.g., Help A Reporter Out – HARO)

HARO is one of my favorite free tools, and it’s how I get most of my quality leads. HARO connects you with reporters looking for expert sources to quote in their articles or other story-related opportunities.

You can view available opportunities posted by category or keyword search for topics you are interested in. Most importantly, thousands of reporters use HARO every day, so sign up today! Get a list of reporter emails to send your query directly to them.

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