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Xiaomi MI LED TV 4S 55 – 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Android OS – Specs, Review, and the price 2021

Xiaomi MI LED TV 4S 55

The new Xiaomi MI LED TV 4S 55-inch is the best topmost worth buying a 4k ultra HD smart android flatscreen television in the year 2021. Xiaomi MI LED TV 4S 55 is manufactured by Xiaomi Corporation exists in a Chinese multinational electronics company established in April 2010 furthermore headquartered is located in Beijing.

Xiaomi makes and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, home appliances, bags, shoes, consumer electronics, and many other products.

Xiaomi MI LED TV 4S 55-inch is the most gaming ultra 4k android flat screen television in the year 2021 because it’s designed to certified for those who love to watch audiovisual content or movies and the use of console to play video games.

The Full Specs and Features of Xiaomi MI LED TV 4S 55-inch

Display SpecificationsResolution: 3840×2160
Viewing angle: 178°
Refresh rate: 60Hz
Audio Power/speaker:2 × 10 W 6ohm
HDMI:3(1 port with ARC support)
CI: 1
AV: 1
Ethernet port:1
CI: 1
Ethernet port:1
DimensionsLongitud: 1231,6 mm
Altura: 710,8 mm
Altura (base incluida): 767,3 mm
Grosor de la base: 262,4 mm
Peso sin incluir la base: 12,45 kg
Peso con la base incluida: 12,74 kg
DecoderVideo decoder: MPEG 1/2/4,VP8/VP9,H.264, etc.
Image decoder: PNG, Gif, JPG, etc.
Audio decoder: DOLBY AUDIO,DTS -HD, etc.
Operating systemAndroid 9.0
64-bit Quad-Core Processor
GPU:Mali 470 MP3
StorageRAM: 2 GB
Storage: 8GB
Power Supply and Operating RequirementsVoltage: 100–240V / 50/60Hz
Power: 150W
Operating Environment: Temperature: 0–40°C
Storage temperature: -15–40°C; relative humidity: < 80%

Display Specifications

The Mi LED TV 4S has an amazing resolution that is 3840×2160 and is enough resolution to fit your wall to be effective to watch any content you want for a clear view of everything especially watching movies and live sports maches.

The Mi LED TV 4S also has a high refresh rate with a maximum of up to 60Hz for the fastest update of motion graphics per second for better performance.

Xiaomi MI LED TV 4S 55
Xiaomi MI LED TV 4S Screen

Furthermore, most of the other television has the maximum refresh rate of 120Hz for the television motion graphics to refreshed twice which means that the refresh rate is two times of Mi LED TV 4S refresh rate.

This doesn’t mean that the other television that has a refresh rate of 60Hz doesn’t perform better.

Moreover, the Xiaomi MI LED TV 4S 55-inch has a Viewing angle of 178 degrees. The angled viewing of a flatscreen television is calculated based on the height and width of the television.

The 178 degrees viewing angle indicates the better visible look of images on the television screen the higher the viewing angle the better the quality view of the images. The maximum viewing angle in all television system is 180 degrees.


Xiaomi MI LED TV 4S

Mi LED TV 4S has super high quality different built-in speakers to bring out both bass and deeper clearer sound you can enjoy.

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